chibiabos (chibiabos) wrote in woundedpaws,

A furry abuser in jail again.

27 May 2007 - Unfortuantely, I was forced by LiveJournal to remove the publicly available information on the convicted violent felon Sibe. While I am very displeased with Wikifur for its whitewashing articles on piracy and allowing loathesome personal attacks to go on in their article discussion forums with no recourse, it is the only resource available ... the article on Sibe is at and contains some of the information I was forced to delete from this post.

Its a cold world, my fellow wounded paws, even in the furry community. Furries do not want to know that there are sick violent offenders among us, they don't want to rat out "one of our own," they don't want to think about it or deal with it. If someone says something, we victims of these abusers get shunned and attacked for trying to out another furry or rumormill or be a "drama whore."

No matter what they say, no matter how much of a majority they have, they aren't correct. We have a right ... all of us ... to take a stand, to try and make others in the community aware of these monsters, to try and caution young furs from making rash decisions when there hearts may have them running into abusive relationships. They may not mean to hurt us when they shun us, but they do. Don't think ill of yourself because the friends of your abuser stick up for him/her, and others also stand up to protect him/her not really appreciating the seriousness of what he/she does. *tender pawsnugs*
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