chibiabos (chibiabos) wrote in woundedpaws,

So how is everyone?

I am having my bad days and could-be-better days. Its been 6 years since the last time I saw Hawk (my furry-on-furry abuser) in person. I tried going to a therapist a few months back, but I lost my job and couldn't keep up on the subsidized copayments. It really wasn't getting me anywhere anyway. I just ... don't know. I'm not liking the owner of the company I work for, she reminds me too much of Hawk, she's deceitful and fired someone because they wouldn't cut enough corners on the customers. If I had more confidence I could get another job quickly, I'd quit ... but I'm so desperate for work ... they're probably going to can me soon anyway. :/

I hope others in this community are doing better.
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