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Sibe, a furry abuser, sent to prison

This group has been kinda quiet of late, so I thought some might take comfort in a bit of good news for abuse victims in the furry community ... a notorious violent predator, Sibe, in the furry community was sentenced to 6 months' prison time earlier this month for violating a probation stemming from a conviction in which he was found guilty of beating up his roommate, forcing him under threat to give up his ATM card and PIN number, stole his roommate's car, emptied his roommate's bank account, and drove to another state where he spent the money he stole in a gay bar.

6 months isn't a long time, there were a lot of people (especially his other victims) who were disappointed by the sentence, but it is something -- and new charges may be pending which would be additional prison time, if convicted.
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