nKo The Wolfcoon Killer (krazy_neko) wrote in woundedpaws,
nKo The Wolfcoon Killer

Welcoe from the administraitor

Sorry for the delay in kicking things off here, I don't really have a valid excuse for this being the second post so I won't bother explaining myself in that regard.

As I stated in the community profile, I myself am not victim, but very well could have been had it not been for the wisdom of my birthmother to relinquish custody, she passed o my third birthday due to her drug addiction.

I'm just wanting to provide a place for furs to vent, aid, comfort, and inspire. On that note, and I make no apolgies for the lack of pc in what I'm about to say, but it's always good to turn to a higher power or a faith when dealing with the fallacies of man. I know from experience as a Christian in other matters that it helps one draw the strength to forgive those that hurt us.

I'm not really going to be of an enforcer unless necessary, the only rule that I ask be followed is that any story or situation which may be contain mature ofrvulgar descriptions be hidden by a lj-cut. Other than that I'm certain that we can all be curteious and respectful to one another.

Thanks again for joining!
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