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How to save a life.

It's happened again, another teen suicide, and as always my heart breaks. We've all seen too many and as usual we wonder what was in the minds of those who chose this solution to their problem. In my experience it's been the feeling of being trapped, of having no other options, no future, no way out. Sound familiar? It doesn't have to be this way though, not by a long shot.

Many years ago I remember lying on my belly up here in the barn, looking out into the yard and vowing that one day I'd turn this place into a refuge for all the bleeding heads of the world. I vowed that I'd never break, that "They" would never win, that eventually I would make this happen, and three years ago to make a very long story short I set things in motion. There is space up here now and resources and I can now say that whoever you are, if you need that space and more importantly the time to just stop and get your head together, that space exists.

I live on a quarter section of land in northern Manitoba, nothing but fields and forests and absolute quiet. There is plenty of space, a great workshop with tools and materials of all sorts, and a library that would take a few years to work through. Above all there is time and opportunity. Some people are made of strong will, some of strong won't, you can guess which one I'm made of. Too many people spend too much time thinking about why things can't be done instead of how they can be done. I ask you, is there anything about this that's particularly hard? Impossible? No? Right you are. Living up here by the way is ridiculously cheap, no rent, no utilities, plenty of food about, free heat, free water, and freedom to breath.

Get the word out that there is sanctuary, there is an escape other than death, there is hope, a future, time, peace, tranquility, all these things. What you won't find here is judgment, preaching, lecturing, arrogant presumptions or easy answers, only the time to find your own. If you know someone, suggest it to them. Help them to see the possible. Whatever can be imagined can be made to happen, that all obstacles can be overcome, the first step is in realizing that it is possible.

"The great tragedy of life is not that people set their sights too high and fail, but that they set their sights too low and succeed."
- Michelangelo

Cross-posted all over the place with no apologies whatsoever. Please, I urge you all to pass it along. Make reality, shape it to your will.

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